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Quality over Quantity

Time to focuss on the user experience of your customers, a happy customer is a returning customer. Decrease bounce rates, increase network and watch organic traffic evolve

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Get Found, Beat Competition

Be unique and original to gain more targeted traffic. There is always room for improvement. Run SEO reports on your webpages, do keyword research and find ways to outsmart your competition.

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See Your Profits Grow

A good SEO campaign equals a good business growth. Contact us about our SEO packages and services. Feel free to take note of our articles & tips.

Previous Next provides services to improve website/webpage traffic since 2007. SEOT stands for “Search Engine Optimized Traffic”, but there are multiple phrases available that reflect our services. Such as SEO-team or “Search Engine Organic traffic”. We have a experienced team of SEO experts. We offer a diverse range of services such as design work, content writing, reports and more. All of these subjects are components for a user friendly, search engine optimized website for your business. Allthough our website started in 2007, our experts have been familiair with SEO since it became a concept. SEO changes a lot over time, it is very diverse. We keep track of the latest updates and regularly perform tests. It is an ongoing process which we love to share with our customers. Feel free to browse our articles and tips about SEO.

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Quality over Quantity

Our slogan “quality over quantity” basically means that it is better to have quality visitors on your website instead of mass traffic. We focuss our service purely on organic traffic which will stimulate your website reputation over time. White hat SEO is the way to go. As a website owner, your reputation is one of your most important aspects of having a business.